About Brent Winebrenner

I’m an international corporate and editorial location photographer with a long-time, crack-like addiction to travel that not even TSA security delays have been able to cure. If I haven’t been there, I want to go.

It’s been that way since the first time I dropped out of college and hit the road, living in a van, working odd jobs, kicking around the American West and breathing deeply for a year. When my free-time was up, I went back to school – but not for long. I dropped out, bought an open return ticket to the UK and dirt-bagged around Europe for a semester before finally skulking back to class.  I eventually  graduated, lost my way, became a CPA and went to work for a prestigious world-wide accounting firm. There, others discovered I had a capacity for hard work and moved me up the corporate food chain. Under their strict tutelage, I quickly learned to provide great client service, a lesson that has stuck with me to this day.   But my left brain was dying and I could never find a tie that I liked – so I quit – to become a photographer.

To give wings to my fantasy and round out my rudimentary technical skills, I enrolled in a few classes at Brooks Institute and wound up on their faculty for five years. It was a good run and a great way to launch a freelance career – ensconced in an academic environment at a time when the rest of the industry was in shock.  Film was dying, digital capture was exploding and multimedia opportunities were emerging.  Fortunately, we were told to learn it all so that we could teach it all.   Because of this solid, hard-earned foundation in the new technology, I’m able to confidently shoot assignment stills and video for both corporate and editorial clients.   Happily, these opportunities have introduced me to many wonderful people while taking me to a whole bunch of countries.   In addition to shooting, I’ve remained active as an instructor and content producer for the Eclipse Institute, a forward-leaning photography program with an exciting future.

If I could, I’d have a collie (maybe two) and a big garden. I drive a pickup truck and am ambivalent about cats. My dad was an honest realtor. My mom can outrun the Energizer Bunny. I drink too much coffee but don’t want to quit. I like my clients. I don’t get to read as much I’d like. I miss shooting medium format film. I love shooting digital. Last summer, I should have spent more time hiking in the Sierras. I can’t seem to get past week two of the P90X 90 day video workout. I don’t rattle easily when I’m working but tear up at the movies. When did London become such a great food town? The dumbest travel mistake I ever made was to fly from Chicago to Delhi – without a visa. It is a long ride back. I speak fluent Spanish – in the infinitive form. I can laugh at myself. Its easy to forget that life is short. I think there is great joy in seeing well.